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Got something special to offer? For a chance at one Sweet Suite, tell us how you stand out from the competition, shatter customer expectations, and set yourself apart at work and at life.
Upload a picture to enter to win the Sweet Suite upgrade at Automation Nation 2017. The prize includes a suite upgrade to your room at the Hilton Bonnet Creek to the Presidential Suite, and sweet reserved seating at Automation Nation events!
*Must pay event registration and regular room rate. ConnectWise Automate will pay for your upgrade to the Presidential Suite. 
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How do you, as a single father with twins, be successful at maintaining a career, family, home, and self? How do you, as a solutions provider professional, set yourself apart and be a "partner" to your customer base? How do you, as a man, live a life worthy of praise? Answer: Create Solutions Watermelon Birthday Cake! Literally. The twins LOVED it! Be yourself, be honest, and be fair. I have learned to not be afraid to speak my truth in an honest and fair way. In all things in life, this applies. In business, I start each day with the goal of "Be Fair"! Fair to my clients, Fair to our employees, and Fair to my company. With this attitude I can listen and "hear" what my clients need. I can understand how to fairly set expectations of our company and employees to the client. By doing this I am then free to take all of this information and "Create Solutions"! "Watermelon Cake for Everyone"!

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